Living herbs are the best way to have the freshest herbs in your kitchen ready for use at any time, not only are they a good way to flavour food but they are excellent for our health and well-being. Particularly at this time of year when we need a natural pick-me-up!
If you’re looking to just ‘make one change’ for a healthier lifestyle, whether that’s having a piece of fruit instead of biscuit, or cutting back on salt or fats in your diet, herbs are a great way to make this happen! A pot of fresh living herbs will give you an instant flavour saviour for adding depth of flavour to your vegetables, meat or fish. We love mint with peas, coriander with carrots and finely chopped chives with potatoes.
Fresh herbs have super health benefits too and here are three of our favourites to help you through the winter months:

1. Mint
Mint is great for improving digestion, soothing the stomach and can ease stress and relieve tension headaches as well as freshening the breath. It also contains menthol and breathing in the fresh smell when sipping fresh mint tea, is great for easing a blocked nose.
How to use – make mint tea by adding fresh mint leaves to hot water and steep for 3-5 minutes. If you prefer it sweeter add a little honey.

2. Rosemary
A great restorative, rosemary is traditionally used to rejuvenate and relieve stress. It is also known for its ability to sharpen the memory and aid concentration so can be particularly good for students who are in the middle of winter exams.
How to use – for a relaxing herbal bath, add a handful of fresh rosemary, tied in muslin to the water. Or make your own aromatic room infusion to keep you awake while you study or work by steeping in warm water over a tea light holder. Or make refreshing home-made lemonade by adding fresh rosemary.

3. Coriander
Coriander has a unique flavour that you either love or hate. This herb is a powerful digestive aid and cleansing agent for detoxing.
How to use – make a health packed green smoothie by blending coriander with spinach or broccoli and some banana or pineapple with a touch of ginger/lime.