Basil Strawberrys & Ice Cream

We all love great tasting food! Of course we do – food is one of life’s pleasures and should be enjoyed. Unfortunately, all too often though we try and add some extra flavour to dishes by reaching for the salt and sugar. In fact, on average we consume a 1/3 more salt a day than we should.

The good news (well, great news actually) is there is a much healthier, more natural way to add flavour to all types of dishes, simply by using fresh herbs. So whether you’re looking to perk up your smoothies, give lunches a boost, or put the finishing touch to your favourite evening meal, we’re calling on everyone to put the flavour back into your lives the herbilicious way.

Herbs are so versatile – and to prove it we’re going to put together a calendar of amazing recipes each month to show you how fresh herbs can take a dish from OK to wow. Each month will focus on a particular theme. This month is all about protein; future months will look at topics including clean eating, world flavours and street food, and we’ll also have some guest articles throughout the year too.

Like parents and their children, we don’t have a favourite herb, so we want to make sure that you know all about the great choice of herbs available. This month we’ll be focusing on magnificent basil! Take a look at some of our delicious basil recipes here. Also, make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook as we’ll be sharing our favourite basil recipes throughout May (as well as great ideas featuring other fresh herbs too).

We hope all these ideas will help you make everyday herbilicious!