No matter what dish you’re having, whether it be sweet or savoury – we have the perfect partner for it – magnificent basil!

Basil is our May herb of the month, and one of the most popular herbs in the UK. We love that it is aromatic, versatile and packs quite the flavour punch. When added to foods, basil not only lends its unique flavour to your favourite dishes, but emphasises the natural flavour of ingredients such as tomatoes, mozzarella and even strawberries and chocolate!

There are also quite a few variations of basil, including the normal Sweet Basil (which is available in most shops) as well as Greek Basil (bushier and with a slightly spicier flavour) and Thai Basil (very popular in curry and stir fry dishes, it has a similar look to Sweet Basil but is slightly more stable when cooking). And did you know, basil is also a member of the mint family!

Although basil may seem like a tricky little herb to look after, it’s actually quite modest – simply wait for it wilt slightly before watering sparingly. Remember to tear the leaves rather than cut them too – as this means it retains all its essential oils.

We don’t need to prove to you basil is a fantastic herb – you already know it. But if you need some inspiration for beautiful basil recipes, we’ve got you covered. Here are our three favourite and oh-so Herbilicious basil recipes:

  1. Herbilicious Chicken Kebabs with Tomato and Basil Compote – Perfect for the fast-approaching summer season – get the BBQ out and enjoy!

  2. Shakshuka with Swiss Chard – A brunch with basil – we couldn’t approve of this more!

  3. Chicken, pea and basil linguine – Because once in a while, a hearty and protein-rich pasta recipes is all you need to make your day!

For more information on our herb of the month, basil – visit our basil page or watch this handy Herbilicious video: