Cool, clean mint is our herb of the month because, plain and simple – it is just one of the most versatile, flavoursome ways of adding value to every dish you create and not to mention, it makes us feel summery!

Think about it, mint works in every meal time. Your breakfast (Mint & Cranberry Smoothies anyone?), your lunch (ever tried a summer salad with fresh mint – it’s divine!) your dinner (chicken + couscous + mint – sorted!) and even your dessert (who doesn’t like mint choc chip?). It even adds a certain pizazz to your standard H20.

During the month of June, we’re celebrating this mighty herb by showing you how many wonderful ways you can use it to make your everyday herbilicious.

Here are some of our most fascinating facts about cool, clean mint:

  • Flavour Saviour: By rubbing the leaves, the essential oils release a menthol aroma which is what gives mint its scent and flavour – it also means when it is cooked, it maintains the flavour in your foods.

  • Variety is the spice of life: There are about 18 known varieties of mint – but fresh is best so if you have the choice, pick up a pot from your local supermarket and stick to the classic one.

  • Herbal Remedy: Mint is an important part of the herbal remedy world as it has unparalleled antioxidant and antiviral properties.

  • Digestion: It is also a wonderful digestive remedy – a good cup of mint tea is considered one of the best ways to help your digestive system.

  • Celebrations: As Wimbledon starts later this month, you’ll notice that mint is also one of the most used herbs for the occasion. Where would fruity Pimm’s be without its partner in crime? Or try adding mint to your strawberries and cream – you can thanks us later.

We’ve also got a herbilicious ‘Recipe of the Day’ blog for June, with inspiring recipes to create every day, many of which include mint, among our other favourite herbs. If you love mint and want to learn all about how to look after it and how to use it in some of your favourite foods, check out our mint page or see what Jekka McVicar says about the merits of mint in the video below.