Aromatic rosemary is one of the most versatile and flavoursome herbs around. Many see it simply as a staple for their winter casseroles and soups, but we’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s also fabulous on your barbecue meats and even summer cocktails!

As herb expert Jekka McVicar points out, ‘No kitchen or home should be without this herb’. It’s for this reason we have chosen rosemary as our July herb of the month. It infuses flavour into any dish and looks just gorgeous when combined with a variety of different foods and drinks including the likes of rich camembert cheese and of course a shareable focaccia bread recipe!

See here for our perfect summer time Moroccan Lamb Burgers with Rosemary Focaccia or alternatively, try adding a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary to your Gin and Tonic for a herbilicious twist to a summertime classic!

Here are a few other things about the everlasting value of rosemary that will make you want to add a pot of fresh rosemary to your shopping basket:

  • Its medicinal values include being an antioxidant and it can even help restore memory.

  • It’s a natural hangover cure. Jekka McVicar suggests brewing fresh rosemary in hot water for five minutes and drinking as a way of hydrating with rosemary’s health benefits after a heavy night. Alternatively, try adding it in your bubble bath for a sweet and relaxing treat.

  • Use as kebab sticks. Here’s a little trick to try, use the rosemary stalks as skewers – simply thread through your favourite meat or vegetables before sprinkling with a little olive oil and the rosemary leaves, put it on the barbecue and ta-da – a herbilicious skewer!

  • It’s a strong disinfectant – the antibacterial properties in rosemary means it can be used to make a natural cleaning spray.

For more information on rosemary, including how to look after your herbs, click here.