This month at Herbilicious, we’re celebrating the wonderful world of grains.

Grains, in all shapes and sizes, have been a staple part of our diets for hundreds of centuries – that’s why grains like freekah, teff, amaranth and spelt are often referred to as ‘ancient grains’.  The nutritious, fibrous and versatile qualities of grains make them an ideal ingredient to enjoy in dishes throughout the day, just like fresh herbs in fact!

Using grains alongside your favourite fresh herbs, means you can enjoy sensational meals with a whole load of natural flavour. Fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander and our herb of the month, rosemary bring out different qualities in each grain and help contribute to the overall taste of a great dish. Look out for wholegrain varieties – these are an important part of a healthy balanced diet for the whole family and have many nutritional benefits. If you want to know more about this, visit the Wholegrain Goodness website.

Grains aren’t just for porridge, salads or soups (although they are wonderful in them)! Try including grains in all your everyday meals to experience the flavour and health benefits of these ancient but fantastic ingredients for yourself. If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration using fresh herbs and grains, we’ve got a #RecipeOfTheDay blog for July, which includes some of our favourite recipes with grains, including our own Herbilicious Minted Grain Salad and Chicken, Parsley and Spelt Risotto.