Oregano may not be the most common or most used herb in your kitchen, but it is, we think, one which deserves more recognition. That’s why we’ve been celebrating it all September!

A close relative to marjoram, it is regularly used in Mediterranean foods as it has an aromatic, spicy flavour, (it’s also the perfect pizza or pasta topper!) Because fresh oregano isn’t used that often, we have some top tips on how to use and look after it, if you want to expand your culinary repertoire! Here’s a few of our Herbilicious tips…

  • Tomatoes and oregano complement each other perfectly – try adding to your favourite tomato-based sauces for a little bit of a kick!

  • Want a change from basil pesto? It can be made using oregano too, a delicious and spicy alternative…

  • Never put your potted oregano in the fridge – it likes to be in bright corners with no drafts.

  • Water sparingly – not a very high maintenance low maintenance herb, oregano only requires little water and can’t be left to stand in it for too long.

If you love oregano or want to cook more with it, we have a whole page dedicated to recipes using to this fiery herb.
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Happy herbilicious cooking and do share any culinary creations with us on our Twitter of Facebook pages.