When you think about autumn, you may think coats, casseroles and colourful leaves! And this month, our herb of the month is the perfect partner to all these things – Warming Thyme!

It’s distinctive leaves and robust, warming flavour means that it’s the best friend to dishes with longer cooking times, such as roasts or casseroles. It complements both meats and vegetables in equal measure but also tastes fantastic in desserts … take our Poached Pears with Thyme for example!

As it’s our #HerbOfTheMonth for October, we’ve decided to spend some ‘thyme’ telling you why it’s so great!

  • Traditionally, the ancient Greeks used thyme in their baths for its antiseptic qualities. Nowadays, you can do the same. Simply simmer a handful of thyme leaves in ½ litre of water for ten minutes and add the strained liquid to your evening bubble bath…

  • Thyme’s antioxidant qualities also make it a great fighter against the battle of age! Research has found that it inhibits the destructive properties of foodstuff and the body – so make sure you keep a bunch close at all times!

  • It’s a great team player when paired with other strong herbs such as sage and rosemary, so perfect in the run up to the festive season when adding to your roast potatoes. You could also try the perfect winter-warmer, our Rosemary & Thyme Scented Wine Punch.

If you’re feeling inspired to use thyme in your seasonal cooking or just to keep a pot close by for medicinal / health reasons, there are many ways you can keep it alive and happy. Here’s our top tips for caring for your fresh thyme.