As the cold winter nights draw in, we find ourselves craving a little comfort in the evenings. And what better way to warm up than with a steaming hot bowl of soup! We think that parsley is the perfect addition to most soups, and we couldn’t think of a better time to tell you all about it as it’s our #HerbOfTheMonth for November!

Perfect Parsley, as we like to call it, is so much more than just a garnish, in fact, sales of parsley have shot up by 37 percent this year! There are so many ways that you can include parsley in a meal – not just soups! Its fresh, clean taste can lift and enhance most ingredients and dishes.

Did you know there are actually two different types of parsley? They are the Curly Leaf and Flat Leaf – the latter has a slightly stronger flavour. Curly Leaf parsley is more traditionally known as a garnish, but due to its leaf structure it is fantastic for using in soups and sauces as it holds its shape and withstands the heat. It works really well in our Chicken, Parsley and Spelt Risotto.

Curly Parsley pot

The flat leaf variety of parsley is a classic Mediterranean herb and is commonly paired with garlic as it combats bad breath! It has a slightly stronger flavour than curly parsley. A great way of using flat leaf parsley is in a pesto, like we have in our Pork with English Pesto Crust.

Flat Leaf Parsley pot

In addition to its flavour and versatility, it’s also a very nutritious herb. Jekka McVicar – herb expert tells us that “It has fantastic digestive properties and has a high vitamin and mineral content. The leaves are high in beta carotene and vitamins A, B, B2, B3, C and E”

If you would like to include some parsley into your favourite dishes you can keep a pack in the fridge, or keep a pot of the fresh herb on your kitchen windowsill so you have it to hand when cooking. Here’s our top tips on caring for your fresh herbs: