Super Sage

We can’t think of a better herb to celebrate the festive season with than super sage, our #HerbOfTheMonth for December! Sage pairs perfectly with pork and poultry dishes, and is essential when making your Christmas stuffing. To get you started, why not watch our video on how to make this Sage and Onion Stuffing –… Read more »

Perfect Parsley

As the cold winter nights draw in, we find ourselves craving a little comfort in the evenings. And what better way to warm up than with a steaming hot bowl of soup! We think that parsley is the perfect addition to most soups, and we couldn’t think of a better time to tell you all… Read more »

Warming Thyme

When you think about autumn, you may think coats, casseroles and colourful leaves! And this month, our herb of the month is the perfect partner to all these things – Warming Thyme! It’s distinctive leaves and robust, warming flavour means that it’s the best friend to dishes with longer cooking times, such as roasts or… Read more »

Get a herbilicious taste of Asia this October

Each month we are bringing you a collection of our favourite herb recipes so that you can make every day herbilicious. This month we’ve been inspired by the wonderful flavours of Asian cuisine.. Day 1. Bon Appetit’s Tofu Yum-Yum Rice Bowl This marinade made with coriander (cilantro) and basil is equally delicious on ribs and… Read more »

Parsley – no longer just garnish

It was the obligatory garnish on a plate or a piece of fish, but now parsley has become the fastest growing herb in popularity. Sales of flat leaf parsley are up by 37 per cent this year, to a record level.  In the past five years, sales of the herb have seen a steady increase… Read more »

Intense Oregano

Oregano may not be the most common or most used herb in your kitchen, but it is, we think, one which deserves more recognition. That’s why we’ve been celebrating it all September! A close relative to marjoram, it is regularly used in Mediterranean foods as it has an aromatic, spicy flavour, (it’s also the perfect… Read more »

Get herbilicious this September

Each month we are bringing you a collection of our favourite herb recipes so that you can make every day herbilicious. Summer may be drawing to a close but there’s no reason mealtimes should be dull. This month we’ve been inspired by the world of Street Food, and haven taken a look at oregano! So, take… Read more »

Win a copy of ‘Around The World in Salads’

We’ve teamed up with food writer Katie Caldesi to celebrate the wonderful flavours of global cuisine – and the role fresh herbs play. You can read all about this in Katie’s exclusive blog. To celebrate our partnership we have five copies of Katie’s fantastic new cook book ‘Around The World in Salads’ to give away… Read more »

Fragrant Coriander

This August, our herb of the month is coriander. It has been the ‘nation’s favourite herb’ for many years now, although it’s distinct, citrusy aromatic flavour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – we think it’s just brilliant, which is why we love adding it to our curries, dressings, soups, salads and even in cocktails! Our… Read more »

31 ways to make August herbilicious

Each month we are bringing you a collection of our favourite herb recipes so that you can make every day herbilicious. This month we’re looking at world flavours. Here are some of our favourite recipes from across the globe…take a herbilicious culinary journey with us. Day 1. Naturally Sassy’s Lentil and Squash Curry Full of… Read more »

The wonderful world of grains

This month at Herbilicious, we’re celebrating the wonderful world of grains. Grains, in all shapes and sizes, have been a staple part of our diets for hundreds of centuries – that’s why grains like freekah, teff, amaranth and spelt are often referred to as ‘ancient grains’.  The nutritious, fibrous and versatile qualities of grains make… Read more »

Aromatic Rosemary

Aromatic rosemary is one of the most versatile and flavoursome herbs around. Many see it simply as a staple for their winter casseroles and soups, but we’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s also fabulous on your barbecue meats and even summer cocktails! As herb expert Jekka McVicar points out, ‘No kitchen… Read more »

Make Every Day in July Herbilicious

Each month we are bringing you a collection of our favourite herb recipes so that you can make everyday herbilicious. This month we’re looking at grains. Here are some of our favourite recipes that combine the natural flavour of herbs with the wonders of grains, including recipes for quinoa, teff, oats, spelt and even for… Read more »

Cool Mint

Cool, clean mint is our herb of the month because, plain and simple – it is just one of the most versatile, flavoursome ways of adding value to every dish you create and not to mention, it makes us feel summery! Think about it, mint works in every meal time. Your breakfast (Mint & Cranberry… Read more »

Make Everyday in June Herbilicious

Each month we are bringing you a collection of our favourite herb recipes so that you can make everyday herbilicious. This month we’re looking at healthy eating and natural flavours. We’d love to hear your favourite dishes using herbs too so make sure to follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page. Day 1…. Read more »

Magnificent Basil

No matter what dish you’re having, whether it be sweet or savoury – we have the perfect partner for it – magnificent basil! Basil is our May herb of the month, and one of the most popular herbs in the UK. We love that it is aromatic, versatile and packs quite the flavour punch. When… Read more »


Protein seems to have hit the spotlight recently as the ‘staple must have’ of our daily diets – of course, it has always been recommended to us in dietary guidelines but only recently have people realised how important it is! Often people associate protein with ‘bulking up’ at the gym, but it really does do… Read more »

RHS Chelsea Flower Show giveaway

As well as great food, we also love the great outdoors – and of course that means all the wonderful, colourful flowers. That’s why we were delighted when our friend and ‘Queen of Herbs’ Jekka McVicar announced she would be creating a garden for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Her garden, ‘A Modern Apothecary’ will… Read more »

Put the flavour back in your lives

We all love great tasting food! Of course we do – food is one of life’s pleasures and should be enjoyed. Unfortunately, all too often though we try and add some extra flavour to dishes by reaching for the salt and sugar. In fact, on average we consume a 1/3 more salt a day than… Read more »

Make Everyday in May Herbilicious

To help you make every day more herbilicious each month we’re going to share with you a month’s worth of our favourite recipes, all (well almost all!) including fresh herbs. For May we’re focusing on protein so all of these recipes are either high in protein or include a high protein ingredient such as salmon,… Read more »

Herbilicious Pulses

In case you missed it, 2016 is the ‘International Year of the Pulse’! That’s right; the UN Assembly has declared that the whole year will be dedicated to celebrating the food. So here are five reasons why you need to get involved:   1) Pulses include beans, lentils and peas They’re cheap, low-fat, a great… Read more »

Herbilicious Meals – The Winners

We recently teamed up with Carly Rowena for our Herbilicious Meals competition, to get everyone cooking with fresh herbs! We would like to say a big Herbilicious thank you to everyone who took part in the competition! We had some stellar entries and if we could award every entry, we would. Thankfully, Carly stepped in… Read more »

Mezzaluna Twitter Competition

Nigella Lawson says she couldn’t operate without a mezzaluna, so why should you? The quintessential herb chopping apparatus, a mezzaluna is a handy and safe piece of kitchen kit that will make chopping your herbs easy and fun. So do as Nigella does and get your hands on one – we’re giving our Herbilicious followers… Read more »

First #HerbiliciousMeals winner revealed

Congratulations to Emily Morey whose Basil and Strawberry Cupcakes were chosen as the winner of September’s #HerbiliciousMeals competition. Thank you to everyone that entered. The good news is that the our contest runs until the end of November and you can enter as many different dishes as you like – just be sure to use… Read more »

London Cocktail Club’s Herbilicious Cocktail Creations

In celebration of London Cocktail Week, we took a trip to Oxford Circus to visit the charismatic mixologist, barman and entrepreneur J.J Goodman – owner of the London Cocktail Club, who has created four Herbilicious cocktails! The four cocktails in this eclectic mix are called Basil Grande, Thyme will Tell, Coriander-Labra and Green with Envy…. Read more »

#HerbiliciousMeals competition

Carly Rowena’s inspiration: We’ve asked Carly to tell you all about the competition in her brand new video (which includes some tasty herbilicious ideas of her own). If you need any further inspiration then check out our fresh herb recipe pages.

Jekka McVicar on Rosemary

There is nothing more delightful than walking into a kitchen where the host is cooking with fresh herbs. The scent of the herbs makes ones mouth water in anticipation of the meal. Fresh herbs are so versatile, they can be used to turn a meal into a feast; create a tantalising cocktail; make a disinfectant… Read more »

Making Wimbledon Herbilicious

Have you been gripped by tennis fever yet? Since the tournament started last week, here at Herbilicious HQ, we’ve been celebrating everything that is great about Wimbledon and the British summertime (despite the clouds today!) More importantly, we are very excited that mint has once again become the most popular herb of the season, with… Read more »

Herbs at RHS Malvern

Vitacress Herbs was involved with the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2015 (7th to 10th May) where it supplied 60 pots of fresh living herbs including rosemary, basil and mint for its Spring Festival Atrium, attended by 10,000 visitors and two star Michelin chef Raymond Blanc. Raymond Blanc, who has a passion for growing and cooking… Read more »

Environmental Award Success

February was a busy month as usual here at Herbs HQ and this is because we have two exciting pieces of news to share with you. We are very proud to announce that Vitacress, our parent company, has won the Best Environmental Initiative Award for its peat-free salad cress at the Grower of the Year… Read more »

Overcome the winter blues with fresh herbs

Living herbs are the best way to have the freshest herbs in your kitchen ready for use at any time, not only are they a good way to flavour food but they are excellent for our health and well-being. Particularly at this time of year when we need a natural pick-me-up! If you’re looking to… Read more »