Fresh herbs are one of the most versatile ingredients available. Each herb brings a unique flavour to a dish and cooking with fresh herbs couldn’t be an easier way of adding aroma, texture and colour to your cooking.

The key benefit of cooking with fresh herbs is their amazing ability to enhance dishes. They can transform a cut of meat, stretch a sauce for pasta and add a new dimension to anything from vegetables to eggs.

Keeping it simple

Fresh herbs are a kitchen essential and there are endless ways you can use and enjoy them at home. If you need some inspiration we have some of our favourite simple tips for using fresh herbs, click on each herb in the menu on the left for details.

Fresh Herbs
Fresh Herbs

Make your day Herbilicious

We think every day should be herbilicous! Add fresh herbs to dishes throughout your day – whether it’s a simple mint tea (just steep the leaves in hot water) – or a show time meal for family and friends.

Throughout the site we’ve got hints and tips on using the different herbs from savoury to sweet recipes through to tips on adding fresh herbs in place of salt encouraging a healthier lifestyle.


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