Bay LeafBay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive warm, spicy flavour and fragrance. Add bay leaves at the beginning of cooking so their flavour can infuse your dish.

Bay leaves partner well with beef and chicken and are commonly used in a bouquet garni for stews and casseroles. The flavour of bay leaf works really well with tomato-based sauces.

Bay Leaves

Simple Bay Leaf tips …

  1. Tie together 2-3 bay leaves with sprigs of thyme, sage and a bunch of parsley for a bouquet garni, perfect for casseroles.
  2. Infuse milk with a bay leaf to make custard with a flavour twist.
  3. Try adding 2-3 bay leaves to tomato-based pasta sauces for added depth of flavour.
  4. Add a bay leaf to spiced stewed fruits such as plums or blackberries along with sugar and cinnamon and serve warm over vanilla ice cream.
  5. With its warm, spicy notes bay leaf works really well with milk based sauces such as bread sauce or try adding a leaf or two to rice pudding before baking in the oven

Where to buy me

Vitacress are proud to supply the leading UK supermarkets with their packs of herbs and pots of British-grown herbs all year round.   We carefully pack the herbs in the retailer’s packaging for Sainsbury’s and Tesco you can find them in the fresh produce area.

How to look after me

In packs:

Where to keep me – Store the bay leaves in a bag, in the salad drawer of your refrigerator.

How to use – Rinse under cold, running water before use.  Use the leaf whole or crack it for a more intense flavour.