Chives PlantChives have a delicate, sweet onion flavour making them a useful herb to liven up dishes from soups to omelettes. Their flat grass-like leaves are tubular in shape and the onion, sulphur aroma will only come from the leaf being cut and releasing the natural oils.

ChivesAlthough commonly used as a garnish, chives add a great flavour to bread and scones as well as egg and cheese dishes. Chives can lose their flavour during cooking and may become bitter, so add them towards the end of cooking.

Simple Chive tips …

  1. Add finely chopped chives to unsweetened scone dough – perfect when served with cream cheese and smoked salmon.
  2. Stir freshly chopped chives into egg mayonnaise, add a dash of hot pepper sauce for a sandwich filling with a punch.
  3. A perfect dressing for the BBQ – mix chives with equal quantities of hollandaise sauce and mayonnaise, add a dash of lemon juice, serve with steak or salmon.
  4. Snip chives over a medley of ripe, sliced tomatoes. Drizzle with your favourite vinaigrette and serve with crusty bread.
  5. Pep up your eggs! Whether you’re having an omelette, scrambled or poached eggs just sprinkle on fresh chives.

Where to buy me

Vitacress are proud to supply the leading UK supermarkets with their packs of herbs and pots of British-grown herbs all year round.   We carefully pack the herbs in the retailer’s packaging for Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose and you can find them in the fresh produce area.

How to look after me

In pots:

Where to keep me – Place your pot of living chives on a saucer on your windowsill or kitchen worktop, out of cold drafts and away from hot radiators.

Do not put in the refrigerator.

How to water – Water sparingly, the trick is little and often. Try just a tablespoon of water a day.

How to use – Snip the leaves as required, rinse under cold, running water and pat dry with kitchen towel.  It’s also easier to snip chives with scissors rather than chop with a knife.

In packs:

Where to keep me – Store chives in a bag, in the salad drawer of your refrigerator.

How to use – Rinse under cold, running water and pat dry with kitchen towel.  Then for ease, snip chives with scissors rather than chopping with a knife.


All About Chives

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