Oregano PlantOregano is an aromatic, warming herb with a spicy, earthy flavour. This popular Mediterranean herb partners perfectly with tomato based dishes as well as with meat, vegetables and pizza!

OreganoOregano is related to marjoram and is also known as Wild Marjoram.

Simple Oregano tips …

  1. Add chopped oregano to your favourite tomato-based pasta sauces to add a depth of flavour.
  2. Try sprinkling chopped oregano on sautéed new potatoes with a dash of seasoning!
  3. For a different take on pesto try adding oregano and basil to make a fresh, flavoursome pesto – perfect stirred through hot pasta.
  4. Combine fresh oregano with the juice and zest of lemon, olive oil and seasoning then rub over chicken pieces or a whole chicken and cook as normal.
  5. Oregano also works well with feta cheese. Try this simple supper – place drained feta cheese onto a sheet of foil and sprinkle with red chili and oregano then drizzle with olive oil. Scrunch the foil up to make a parcel and bake for 10 minutes.

Where to buy me

Vitacress are proud to supply the leading UK supermarkets with their packs of herbs and pots of British-grown herbs all year round.   We carefully pack the herbs in the retailer’s packaging for Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose and you can find them in the fresh produce area.

How to look after me

In pots:

Where to keep me – Place your pot of living oregano on a saucer or in a planter in a bright place away from cold drafts. Do not put in the refrigerator.

How to water – Water sparingly, little and often when the compost is dry to the touch.  Do not leave to stand in water.

How to use – Pick whole sprigs or strip off the leaves and chop as required.  Rinse before use under cold, running water.

In packs:

Where to keep me – Store your oregano in a bag in the salad drawer of your refrigerator.

How to use – Rinse under cold, running water.  Use whole sprigs or strip off the leaves and chop as required.