Tarragon PlantTarragon (also known as French Tarragon, Little Dragon or Estragon) is one of the great culinary herbs and has been used in France for over 800 years.

It is the essential ingredient in Béarnaise sauce and one of the four ‘fines herbes’ widely used in French Mediterranean cooking.

Tarragon LeavesTarragon complements chicken and fish, vegetables and omelettes.

It also adds depth of flavour to poultry or fish dishes with cream or mayonnaise-based sauces, such as Tarragon Chicken and Lobster Thermidor.

Simple Tarragon tips …

  1. Combine a few chopped leaves with butter to melt over vegetables such as mushrooms, courgettes and peas.
  2. Pan fry chicken breasts with a few shallots and garlic, then add crème fraîche to warm through and lastly toss some chopped tarragon through before serving.
  3. Herb ice cream may sound strange but try making it with tarragon – its subtle anise flavour works really well. Infuse the milk and cream with the tarragon, strain then use to make your ice cream.
  4. Add chopped tarragon when making a chicken or turkey pie, perfect to use up leftovers from the weekend roast.
  5. Try adding tarragon to potato salad as an alternative to chives.

Where to buy me

Vitacress are proud to supply the leading UK supermarkets with their packs of herbs and pots of British-grown herbs all year round.   We carefully pack the herbs in the retailer’s packaging for Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose and you can find them in the fresh produce area.

How to look after me

In packs:

Where to keep me – Store your tarragon in a bag in the salad drawer of your refrigerator.

How to use – Rinse under cold, running water.  Use whole sprigs or strip off leaves and chop as required.  If using with hot dishes, add the chopped leaves just before serving for the best flavour and use in moderation so not to overpower other flavours.