Top Tips

You can easily enjoy fresh herbs at home. From classic flavour combinations to the more unusual, follow our top tips to help make everyday herbilicious with fresh herbs!

Herb tips

  1. Experiment with herbal teas. Fresh mint tea is a favourite but you can make refreshing herbal teas with other herbs too. Basil is calming while sage can aid digestion and thyme can be restorative. See our Healthy Herbs page for more useful tips.
  2. It’s not just about the leaves. Don’t discard the stems of coriander and parsley, they are full of flavour. The stems make a great base for stocks and sauces. Coriander stems are a must for a curry.
  3. Herbs don’t just add flavour. The essential oils they contain can also help tenderise and break down the fat in meats making it easier for us to digest. This is why traditionally rosemary, thyme and sage have been used with pork and lamb.
  4. Buy pots of living herbs for extra value. Fresh cut herbs are convenient to have in the fridge but pots of fresh living herbs can provide you with a ready supply of fresh herbs for weeks and even months if you look after them!
  5. Make the most of herbs in desserts. Fresh herbs add a whole new dimension to desserts. Basil is great with strawberries and chocolate and thyme goes well with lemon and can be used in baking.