Top Tips

Expert advice from herb expert Jekka McVicar

With the right care and attention, your living herbs will be able to continue to flourish in your home, providing you with an easy way to add flavour for all meals – plus they look and smell great too!

Looking after your herbs is easy, but each herb is different so it’s important to read the information on the sleeve.

Follow Jekka’s five easy tips for healthy, tasty herbs and see the individual herb pages for recipe inspiration.

  • Let there be light – fresh living herbs thrive in bright, draught free places. A kitchen windowsill is ideal.
  • Water – little and often. Water when the soil is dry to touch, a teaspoon is usually enough! Most people make the mistake of overwatering their herbs.
  • Drainage – don’t let them stand in water too long.  Ensure the pot holder for your living herb has drainage holes in the base, or simply keep on a saucer.
  • Keep out of the fridge – cold temperatures damage fresh living herbs.
  • Snip or pick from the top to allow light to get to lower leaves.

Jekka McVicar Jekka McVivar

Dubbed ‘queen of the herbs’ by Jamie Oliver, who she created a herb garden for, Jekka is widely recognised as one of the country’s foremost experts on herbs. She has won a record 60 Royal Horticulture Society Gold medals for her herb displays at the Chelsea Flower Show and has published four books on the subject of herbs.